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Ages three thru thirteen. Express yourself in a fun, safe, nurturing, and non-judgemental environment

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Adult Ballet Barre -Starting September 26th-Tuesdays 5:30 to 6:30 –

This class is designed to lengthen, strengthen, stretch, and tone while concentrating on correct poster and form.  Class will start on the mat using a combination of core exercises and […]

New Session Starting September 26th, 2023- Little Steps Big Moves ages 3 to 5

In this class children will be introduced to the basic elements of movement and dance, by experiencing a variety of dance explorations.

New session Starting-September 26th 2023 Little Steps Big Moves and more…- ages 6 to 8

Dancers will be introduced to basic Ballet and Modern technique throughout the class, while still exploring to the basic elements of dance, by experiencing a variety of dance explorations.

July 10th to July 15th Little Steps Summer Camp Workshop ages 3 to 8 2023

Little Steps Summer Camp: Using the elements of dance, literature, visual art, music and movement studies, students will create an original performance piece that will be presented in an informal studio performance at the conclusion of the camp.

Halloween Dance Workshop ages- 3 to 8-Saturday October 21st

A fun Halloween themed workshop for ages 3 to 8. Participants will create a simple set, and costumes pieces. An informal in studio presentation will take place for family and friends at the end of the workshop.

New Session TBD-Big Steps Bigger Moves – ages 9 to 12

This class is for the  student that is interested in dance, but does not want to take a traditional ballet class. Using visual art, music, stories, poetry and inprovisation, students will learn how to create movement studies, and choreograph group and individual work.

The process of a performance Piece 2023 -The Rainbow Goblins ages 9 to 12 TBD

This class will guide students through the process of creating a performance piece. Using the book “The Rainbow Goblins” by UL De Rico students will workshop the literature using dance, movement, theater, writing and a structured process to create an original piece. An in studio performance will be presented at the end of the session

why revka?

For over a decade, I have sought out Revka’s movement instruction for my entire family. All three of my children always enjoy the imagination, confidence, and love that Revka instills in them in every class. Revka’s style flawlessly flows through her classical training into interpretive movement and theatrical performance styles to give each student outlets for true self expression, understanding, and self growth. Revka’s adult classes are a true work out and a wonderful option for self care and commitment to helpful and healthful movement. Revka is a truly magnificent dance and movement teacher.
Izzy Beckman
5 out of 5
The teacher you dreamed your child would have is real - - and you just found her!

Revka creates a space where children can dream, dance, connect, and try - safely and with the utmost respect for them and their process. She is a teacher in the truest sense. “Education” is derived from Latin roots meaning “to bring forth.” Revka wonderfully guides children in a way that brings forth their innate creativity, expression, and knowing.

Her classes are a place of inclusion - supporting the individual and creating awareness of connection with other class members and the world outside the classroom studio. Revka’s pupils are not just learning to move, they are learning to BE. They are developing awareness of self and other, and building their skills for navigating life in a beautiful, mindful way.

Julie Williams Davis
5 out of 5
Miss Revka is like a dancing pied piper! Josephine began taking classes with Revka as soon as she was old enough, and it was the thing she (and her friends) looked forward to most every week. Revka has a beautiful way of relating to her young dancers and inspiring movement from them that is joyous and free. As a parent, it is an absolute pleasure to behold.
Alana Hearn
5 out of 5